The Presidents Wall

The efforts spent on building walls to defend our turf in the culture wars could be better served on loving our neighbor as much as we love ourselves. It is what Government refuses to fix that causes those walls to go up in the first place.

Those walls exist just to see who among us has a heart, and of good character that loves others enough to bring down those walls instead of continuously adding to them. So stop glorifying poverty, starvation, death, greed, racism, lack of healthcare, famine, ignorance, war, inflation, and violence, because all of this is related to governance for which is why Government is bent on building walls. You chose the path that harms others like those that came before you.  You was either silent or the instigator. It is always about control, and never about compassion for the people. You are the problem along with many other countries that refuses to fix the issues that creates the crisis, and causes the people to flee.

You have done all possible to kill our kindness and throw out our hope but I will never be like you, nor will I be silent, this is my life and not yours. This is my neighbors life and not yours you are messing with.  We will never forget, and will always side with humanity. I have one destiny as always and that is to treat people as human beings and embrace humanity by being a good neighbor. I guess because you are at the top, that is something you know nothing about. Woe you.


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